RC Conversion Kits for 1/35 Tanks

Be have fun converting your 1/35 static display tank to RC!
 We love the precision and details of 1/35 scale armor. We also enjoy the fun of RC control. We decided to combine both of them. All RC conversion kits are designed by scale model enthusiast. While keeping the external  appearance, we also try to make them run like real tanks.  All kits include parts for workable suspension, turret  rotation, gun elevation, led gun flashes and digital sound effects. To achieve high speed of modern tanks, kits are  powered by high power carbon brush motors and ESC control.

 (15-Jun-2015) K13 - RC Conversion Kit for Panda 1/16 PzKpfw 38(T)
  New stock available now!

RC conversion kit for Panda 1/16 38(T)

(11-May-2015) Coming soon! RC Conversion Kit for TAMIYA (ASUKA)1/35 Sherman Firefly - gearbox designed for all types of Sherman, VVSS spring plate, turret rotation, gun elevation, gun firing with LED gun flash and barrel recoil, engine sounds...

RC conversion kit for M4 Sherman

 (02-Mar-2015) RC Conversion Kit for TAMIYA 1/35 Flakpanzer Gepard Available Now!
 with LED gun flash, rotating search radar with retraction servo, tracking radar move together with cannon, cannon can fire in ground attack mode or anti-aircraft mode, simulation of aircraft attack, engine sound effects, optional metal tracks...


Recently released product:

 New MTC-2 mini tank controller, more compact and have a brake function.

 K12 - RC Conversion Kit for TAMIYA 1/35 Challenger 2, with MTC-2, ACU,
 optional GSU and metal track.

 K7 - RC Conversion Kit for TAMIYA 1/35 M2A2 Bradley, with MTC-2 and
 ACU. With engine sound and machine guns firing effects!

 K8 - RC Conversion Kit for TAMIYA 1/35 M113A2 (ACU Version), with
Spade Ace metal track.

 K11- RC Conversion Kit for TAMIYA 1/16 Leopard A4, with MTC-2-BT,
ACU and GSU.

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